Everything You Need To Know About NGINX

The internet has changed dramatically over just the last 20 years, and will continue to change and transform in ways most of us can’t expect from here on out.

20 years ago, the internet with little more than static HTML files. Shortly after came CSS, JavaScript, and a whole host of other upgrades – and now we are able to enjoy a media rich environment that the originators of the World Wide Web never could have imagined possible.

Web applications, for example, are skyrocketing in popularity as more and more people embrace everything the cloud has to offer. Effortless to use with a modern web browser – on almost any device – these web applications aren’t resource intensive and do not require traditional installations the way that “old-school” software and applications did, but their demands on the servers they are hosted on our larger than ever before.

Most web applications today take advantage of static files (including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript), hook into backend API services or connect with multiple web services while leveraging all kinds of other digital assets all over the internet as well as those hosted on a specific server.

Trying to host modern web applications on a “traditional” server will almost always cause a meltdown – which is why so many are choosing to make the most of NGINX web hosting.

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What exactly is NGINX web hosting, anyway?

Open source software designed to improve the overall web surfing, reverse proxy, caching, load-balancing, and media streaming capabilities of server solutions and hardware on the market today, NGINX was initially conceived of as a web server platform that could squeeze every single drop of performance of server hardware without limiting its stability along the way.

Today, however, NGINX has grown into something so much more than that – becoming one of the most popular web hosting platforms on the planet as the web moves further and further away from traditional static environments to more interactive and intertwined web applications and cloud-based solutions.

Everything about a NGINX web hosting platform revolves around producing the best speed possible without hindering stability at all.

We’re talking about using scalable architecture in a traditional web server hardware system to handle the highest volume of connections possible, all while having next to no downtime thanks to the ability to use NGINX as a reverse proxy and load-balancing solution as well.

Regularly inserted between clients and a secondary web server, acting as the SSL/TLS Terminator or web accelerator, NGINX works to handle all of the behavior that would have more traditionally slow down the hardware of your “main” server – especially if the hardware on the main server was anything less than completely cutting-edge.

Working to effortlessly distribute incoming traffic to the more slower “upstream” servers that are interconnected to your web hosting platform, NGINX basically acts as a traffic cop of sorts to make sure that all of the resources you have available are evenly and efficiently distributed.

NGINX web hosting is a game changing new technology that is becoming more and more standard for web application developers, and it’s easy to see why.

The major advantages NGINX and NGINX Plus bring to the table


Powering more than 287 MILLION websites around the world right now, with hundreds of thousands more being powered by NGINX web hosting every single week – as well as more than 100,000 of the busiest and most frequently visited websites on the planet – it’s easy to see that some of the biggest technology giants around the world are utilizing NGINX and NGINX Plus, and you should be as well.

For starters, NGINX web hosting provides a software-based solution that completely eliminates the need for hardware load-balancing products.

Because it is a 100% software solution, open sourced on top of that, you aren’t going to have to spend a small fortune on load-balancing hardware for your servers that will only be made obsolete just a short while after invest in that technology to begin with.

It certainly doesn’t hurt that NGINX web hosting and NGINX Plus allows for total on-the-fly reconfiguration protocols. You’ll be able to deploy this system on almost any web server imaginable, integrating the solution directly into your currently existing platform for amazing results straightaway.

On top of that, NGINX web hosting acts as a bit of a Swiss Army knife of sorts in the web hosting world.

Not only is an effective load balance proxy system, but it also works to handle all of your content caching and your web server deployment. This cuts down considerably on the amount of software you have running different aspects of your server, options and different platforms that can sometimes miss communicate with one another – hogging a lot of resources and bringing a lot of inefficiency to the table.

With NGINX, you’re able to deploy a single open source software solution to handle the overwhelming majority of your web server tasks. Different tools and add-ins can be integrated with NGINX and NGINX Plus to further extend the utility of this software, putting you in complete and total control over your entire server environment.

Finally, it’s nice to know that NGINX has continuously evolved and grown every single step of the way alongside the internet as we know it and will continue to do so for years and years to come.

NGINX web hosting has been right there on the bleeding edge of the development of our modern internet it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Instead, the open sourced nature of this platform guarantees that the code base will be streamlined, modified, and extended – pretty much on a daily basis – to make sure that NGINX remains relevant and effective in a way that traditional hardware-based options never could.

All things considered, if you’re serious about squeezing every drop of performance out of your web hosting and web server set up, you need to make sure that you are making the most of all that NGINX has to offer.

Inexpensive, lightning fast, and as flexible as it gets, you are going to fall in love with NGINX web hosting right out of the gate!