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Why choose a .COM domain extension?

In the Wild West days of the internet (you know, back in 2012) most people focused on picking the perfect domain name – and never really paying attention to the domain name extension.

Folks just expected they would go with a .COM or a .NET domain name extension, always hoping that they be able to grab a .COM if it was available. That’s what most familiar domains came with, after all, and nobody really wanted to play around with a handful of the other Top Level Domains (TLDs) that were out there.

Today nothing could be further from the truth.

Hundreds and hundreds of different TLD options exist today, one for pretty much every industry or market imaginable. Now, if you are running a pizza place you might be thinking a bit longer about going with traditional .COM or going with .PIZZA instead.

In an online environment where you can pick and choose almost any TLD available does it really still make sense to still go with .COM?

.COM Is Still As Close to a Web Standard As It Gets

cheap domain namesWith few exceptions (like using .ORG for nonprofit organizations, .GOV for government sites, and .EDU for educational institutions), the .COM domain extension is about as close to a web standard as it gets.

Close to 85% of ALL websites in the United States take advantage of the .COM domain extension and it’s what the overwhelming majority of online users are going to expect your domain name finish with.

When you are building a business or a brand, you want your domain name to be memorable – and if you’ve chosen a longer domain name (which is pretty much what’s still out there today) you want people focused on remembering that name, not the extension that you have at the end.

Search Engine Algorithms Still Give More Weight to .COM

Though this may not always be the case, right now the major search engine networks – particularly Google – treat the .COM domain name extension like gold.

.COM extensions remain the most popular, are attached to some of the older websites and more credible/influential websites on the internet, and give your content a little lift when it comes to search engine results.

Of course, at the same time, a .COM domain extension is usually going to be quite a bit more expensive than some of the other TLD options you can pick and choose from. Trying to find the best cheap domain names that aren’t going to attach your serious and legitimate business name or brand name to a gimmicky sounding domain extension is becoming next to impossible.

But here at we make sure that you get the opportunity to register a .COM domain extension without having to pay a skyhigh premium. Offering these extensions at significantly lower price tags than almost all of the other major registrars out there, you’ll only ever have to pay $8.61 for a .COM domain extension.

It doesn’t get any better than that.

So if you’re serious about registering cheap domain names, but don’t want to have to settle your domains with lame, gimmicky, and anything less than influential TLD options take advantage of our Level Core cheap domain names – our cheap .COM domain names – and you won’t break your bank account!

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